Banks Lending to Uninsured Persons 2019


Uninsured credit

How to Get Uninsured Credit?


Uninsured credit is a banking product that can be extended to consumers outside the most risky customer group. In particular, the fact that consumers who are not on the black list and whose record is not broken does not mean that they can not use credit .

These people can easily get credit from institutions that provide uninsured loan financing. Although it is actually a crime to employ uninsured workers by law, it is common for students, housewives or self-employed persons to be uninsured. For this reason, people who continue their lives without insurance should apply by choosing the banks that give credit to the uninsured when they want to use credit according to their needs.

How to Get Uninsured Credit?

How to Get Uninsured Credit?


Banks, of course, give priority to their insured customers among loan applicants. Because the consumer who has a regular income and proves to the bank that he can pay the loan on a regular basis has the potential to be one step ahead for financial institutions.

However, the lack of any social security or insurance does not prevent the individual from using credit. Every year, new types of loans or new campaigns of existing loans are announced due to the competition among banks.

Uninsured individuals can also benefit from these competitive campaigns or credit products to obtain cash for their financial needs. For this purpose, it is sufficient to follow the campaigns of the banks and to comply with the necessary conditions. In this way, you can benefit from this privilege by applying for uninsured credit product.

What are the conditions for obtaining uninsured loans?


When you apply to any bank to obtain uninsured loans, first of all, you are checked whether you have a relationship with banking products. If you have an account at a bank or use a credit and credit card product, your payment status will be reviewed. Especially those who are loyal to their payments and who make payments on the day have a higher chance of using credit at this stage.

The same applies to persons who have a deposit account at the same bank and who have accumulated large amounts. Because the uninsured persons in this category will not be a problem for the bank. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for you to use credit if you have had administrative follow-up or entered the Central Bank blacklist.

Another criterion that banks seek for uninsured persons is whether the applicant has a house, car or immovable property registered on behalf of the applicant. Even if you are uninsured, your loan will be approved more easily since the bank that provides loans to people with assets will secure itself for one more step.

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