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This model also featured a budget modification for the device, but interest in the news has not waned – the presentation was broadcast live on the Apple channel.

As technology experts have shown

As technology experts have shown

They accurately anticipated the main advantage of the new iPhone 11, which is 2 wide-angle cameras capable of capturing images at up to 12 megapixels. And this development is a major achievement for Apple, given that they have already claimed themselves as the most powerful phone brand with the most powerful camera. In addition, the phone has a night mode feature similar to Pixel 3 and other smartphones with the same function.

The iPhone 11 is released on the Apple XR line of Apple smartphones, so it will stick to the same size as its predecessor. iPhone has a consistent body quality (aluminum only) and a diagonal screen (6.1 inches). The new iPhone will be offered to its army of admirers in 6 colors: red, white, black, purple, green, yellow.

iPhone 11 – A much more affordable version of the former iPhone


Apple decided that the iPhone 11 should be won by its financial affordability , so this time the smartphone’s starting price does not exceed $ 699. As a bonus, Apple has lowered the price of gaming subscriptions as well as streaming television. In this respect, Apple has become much cheaper than its competitors.

The iPhone 11 smartphone model comes in three modifications, one of which is the iPhone 11 Pro. This representative of the iPhone 11 comes with a triple camera and a range of advanced features. The iPhone 11 Pro will cost you around € 1,000 to € 1,100. Comparing these iPhone 11 models to the already obsolete Apple smartphones of last year, the price remains the same, but the capabilities of the devices themselves have expanded significantly, with the addition of a wide-angle camera.

Comparing the budget versions of the iPhone, last year the iPhone 11 XR cost around € 750. This time around, the economic variant of the iPhone 11 started at the € 699 mark. As for the price of the iPhone’s premium models, they have stayed at the $ 1,000 mark last year and this year.

Apple’s CEO, in his presentation of the iPhone 11, couldn’t help but emphasize the key benefits of the new model, so he described all the technology on this smartphone as “packed with new features and ultra-new design.” The new iPhone 11 series was launched on September 20th. During the meeting, Apple noted that their new business model would be to move away from smartphones to reduce dependency on these devices. Instead, the company plans to focus primarily on digital content and other Apple products.

Third-party Apple experts and consultants also spoke at the presentation

Third-party Apple experts and consultants also spoke at the presentation

One of the analysts present noted the great appeal of the new iPhone 11. According to him, after this release, owners of previous iPhone models will be updating their smartphones very soon . They will be encouraged not by the appearance of the phone, but by the capabilities of the smartphone: an improved camera, longer battery life and, of course, the reduced price of the iPhone.

An analyst at another technology agency backed the idea of ​​Apple product perfection and noted that it was much more beneficial to work with the company than to stand by. This announcement was based on the fact that in recent years the company has simply “overgrown” with new and complete smartphones, services and accessories. Such technological growth is not observed by any of Apple’s competitors.

Over the past year, the Apple Group has “rolled out” another of its developments, the Apple TV streaming service, which has launched in over 100 countries for a fraction of the cost – just $ 4.99 a month.

Initially, TV will not show all channels, they will be available later, yes, the Apple TV will also be priced at $ 6.99 in the first months. But there is a valid explanation for this increase: Apple will raise funds to buy Disney + streaming from its competitor. At the expense of this increase, Apple plans to buy much more expensive products that Netflix had planned.

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